Salon Edge 36W Nail UV Lamp Acrylic Gel Curing Light TIMER 36 WATT Drying Dryer

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Manufacturer Description

Salon Edge's UV Nail Lamps are a wonderful addition for at home or salon use, providing professional grade and timely curing for all gel polishes. Quickly and effectively cure all gel and UV based products within minutes. The reflective lining on the inside ensures proper uniform drying. Wide and easy access opening allows for curing of one hand or foot at a time comfortably. Built in timer allows for 2 minutes of drying with an option to leave on indefinitely until switched off. Includes four 9-watt bulbs to provide 36-watts of curing from all sides. Tray Dimensions: 5.5" (Length) x 5.9" (Width). Simple fuse replacement compartment with single turn access makes changing fuse a breeze.Salon Edge's UV lamp for nails includes 4 replaceable UV light bulbs and features a reflective lining on the bottom to provide uniform curing of gel polishes. Its slide out tray enables easier access and comfortably accommodates one hand or foot at a time.The UV bulb access panel on the bottom and easy fuse access compartment on the back of the unit allow you to easily replace parts to keep your equipment performing at its full potential. Question: Do UV Nail lamps cause cancer? Are UV nail lamps Safe? Answer: UV Nail lamps emit similar UVA rays as the sun. It is unlikely that moderate use should pose any long term health risks. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, "even the most intense [UV lamps] presents only a moderate risk." (The Skin Cancer Foundation's Official Position on UV Light and Manicure Safety) It is always wise to be safe, however, and using a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen on your skin is recommended. Question: What is the difference between UV lamps and LED lamps? Both UV lamps and LED lamps can cure gel nail polishes. UV lamps typically require more time to cure the nail polish.

Product Features

FAST CURING. With the enclosed design space and UV lighting on all sides, Salon Edge's UV Nail Lamp will quickly and effectively cure any UV and gel-based nail product within minutes. The Nail Lamp is great for gel-based products on both natural and acrylic nails. Designed for both the professional salon and for at-home DIY. TIMER or MANUAL SETTING. The UV Nail Lamp has a built-in timer for 2 minute intervals, or a manual setting to allow for the bulbs to remain on continuously until turned off, allowing for the perfectly timed drying without overheating the nails. SLIDING/REMOVABLE TRAY. Provides even curing of gel polish, with tray dimensions of 5.5 inch length by 5.9 inch width to accommodate a single hand or foot at a time, with the sliding tray providing ease of access. The tray is also removable to allow for easier access to bulbs for installation or replacing, and to allow for an easier cleaning and maintaining. INTENSE UV LIGHTING WITH REFLECTIVE LINING INSIDE. Comes with four bulbs to provide 36 watts of UV light for effective curing, while the reflective lining on the inside allows for an even and uniform curing process for the hand or foot that is inside. STREAMLINED DESIGN. Salon Edge's UV Nail Lamp is effortless to set up and break down, easy to use, and simple to clean and maintain. Its design allows for the product to be used almost instantaneously after being plugged in, making it perfect for travel use or for quick rearrangements within your work station. Small and lightweight body makes for easy, out of the way storage in drawer or closet.

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