Bath & Shower Loofah Brush by Lotus Ana Essentials, 2 in 1 Face & Body Gentle Scrub Skin Exfoliation, Massage Nubs Improve Cellulite. Better Body Scrubber than Wash Cloth, Pouf or Mitt. 100% Silicone

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Manufacturer Description

Lotus Ana Essentials Two in One 100% Silicone bath and shower brush is all you need for happy, healthy skin. One side for gentle daily exfoliation and the other for cellulite reduction using flexible and firm massage nubs for stimulating blood circulation to problem areas. Using your favorite bar soap or body wash you'll get a wonderfully bubbly lather from the soft flexible bristles which feel amazing as they work together to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating on a regular basis will bring you many benefits, such as: Brighter skin that will better absorb moisturizer keeping your skin soft and smooth and hydrated. Your perfumes will last longer instead of being applied to dead skin cells that will be flaking off all through the day taking your perfume with it. When exercising, your body will be able to sweat more effectively without dead skin cells blocking your pores. If you find dry brushing too harsh or or tedious to do before jumping in the shower than use this shower body brush daily to keep the dead skin cells away, easy to do in the shower. Save the dry skin brushing for 1x a week. Use this body brush with favorite scrub too or even outside of the shower with your favorite oils! Make sure your skin is well oiled so the brush will glide effortlessly across your skin and use the massaging nubs side to target your problem areas or brush your entire body to help circulation and move your lymph fluid. Stimulating your skin daily with the shower brush will stimulate lymphatic circulation which is another plus if you cannot afford a massage every week. Lymphatic fluid does not have a pump to keep it moving like a heart does, you can move that fluid, get those toxins to eliminate faster by using this shower brush daily. For Women, Men, Teens and Gentle Baby Brush. Try Out Our 2 in 1 Body & Facial Cleansing Bath & Shower Brush NOW, See- and Feel- The Amazing Results Yourself! Invest in Yourself & Your Health Today! Click Add to Cart While Supplies Last!

Product Features

100% SILICONE- Feels Amazing! Lots of bubbly lather better and more hygienic than a loofa or a poof, sponges, mitts, or loofah body scrubber on a stick or string.

2 in 1 EXFOLIATOR- One side for daily gentle scrub exfoliation & the reverse for cellulite reduction. 

DEEP DOWN CLEANSING- More effective than hand, bristle brush or wash cloth, as a skin cleansing brush for your face and body.

IMPROVES CIRCULATION- Cellulite reduction massage nubs for stimulating blood circulation to problem areas.

EVERYONE WILL LOVE IT- All women and men, teens and gentle enough for baby brush. Makes a Great Gift!

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