Bare Escentuals

What makes Bare Escentuals so special?

With millions of loyal customers worldwide, its is easy to see why Bare Escentuals is one of the world's top beauty manufacturers. Offering a 100% natural formula, you can see and feel what distinguishes us from the rest.

Bare Escentuals takes pride in the quality of ingredients that nature offers.  Only using the purest, cleanest ingredients, we are able to offer you the look of bare skin while giving you the full coverage you desire without the chemicals your skin doesn't need. This is critical in giving you the 100% natural look and no makeup feel- a unique distinguishing feature of our products.

We are backed by many years of research and expertise in several proven clinical studies.  Also, our many customer testimonials speak for themselves.  Bare Escentuals works. And it works for all skin types and conditions. Its makeup so pure you can sleep in it.      

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